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AH: Raymone Bain Saw Nothing Amiss with Jackson – MiniB#72

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Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain appeared on Access Hollywood July 9 to speak to some of the false and unsubstantiated rumors floating around about the singer’s death.

Bain said she saw nothing amiss with Jackson when she was around him.

No. Absolutely not. Nothing. Absolutely not. And if we had, we would have sought some kind of assistance or/and we would have immediately contacted his family about that,” Bain told AH’s Billy Bush.


Homicide not ruled out by LAPD in death of Michael Jackson – MiniB#71

LA Police Chief Bill Bratton has not ruled out homicide in the death of Michael Jackson.

In an interview Thursday the chief said, “Are we dealing with homicide? Are we dealing with an accidental overdose?  What are we dealing with?  So as we are standing here speaking, I can tell you, I don’t have that information.”

At this late date, the fact that they haven’t ruled out homicide may be quite telling. At this point, anything can happen. If toxicology reports are contradictory to the rumors and speculation about why Jackson died, the police would be stupid to rule anything out at this point.

Rumor Mill: Bodyguard claims 30-40 Xanax, Makes No Sense

RUMOR MILL SLAP DOWN: According to “sources” a former bodyguard claims Michael Jackson was taking up to 100 Xanax a day, then down to 30-40 Xanax a day, then moved down to 10 a day.

Red flag 1 : 100 pills a day? 30-40 pills a day? In a guy who, some say, weighed less than 130 pounds? Nah. I’m not buying that. If he were as heavy as Rush Limbaugh, maybe (or maybe not), but not in someone who some claimed was anywhere from 112-125 pounds.