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AH: Raymone Bain Saw Nothing Amiss with Jackson – MiniB#72

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Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain appeared on Access Hollywood July 9 to speak to some of the false and unsubstantiated rumors floating around about the singer’s death.

Bain said she saw nothing amiss with Jackson when she was around him.

No. Absolutely not. Nothing. Absolutely not. And if we had, we would have sought some kind of assistance or/and we would have immediately contacted his family about that,” Bain told AH’s Billy Bush.

The publicist said a lot of the people speaking about Michael Jackson right now — those who have proclaimed themselves close friends of Jackson — hadn’t talked to the King of Pop in years.

Bain said:

“I do know that a lot of the people out here, Billy, that are speaking about Michael Jackson, talking about Michael Jackson he has talked to in years. Hasn’t seen in years, didn’t want to see in years. They didn’t wanna see him. It’s just an opportunity for people to get before cameras, 15 minutes of fame, book deals, all of these things.

What I don’t want any of us who have been around Michael Jackson for his image and his legacy to be tarnished with a whole bunch of junk and innuendo.”

No word whether or not that’s a dig to people like Deepak Chopra, Brian Oxman or former unnamed bodyguards telling unsubstantiated stories about the singer’s past.

Five year old dubious rumors are making the rounds… again… about everything from meds to previously unproved “interventions”.

Bain also laid into false reports floating around about Jackson:

“It bothers me. All of these reports and folks sitting around — If his health were deteriorating to the point that they claim it was, why didn’t they get him some help? Who are all of these doctors? I mean, why were they prescribing these drugs? You know, Michael Jackson – if you’re hurting, he’s not a doctor. He doesn’t know what will kill him and what won’t. “

As of yet, there is no official word about what killed Michael Jackson. LA Police Chielf Bill Bratton said in an interview thursday the investigation has yet to rule out homicide.

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