Frank Dileo talks about Michael and the TII tour


FRANKLY SPEAKING An exclusive HITS interview with Frank DiLeo

Industry vet Frank DiLeo, who was the manager of Michael Jackson from 1984 through 1989, returned to the fold to help guide the superstar through his “This Is It” concerts and presumably beyond, but it was not to be. Here, the industry veteran shares his thoughts with HITS’ own ambulance-chasing Roy Trakin.

Q. This is like Godfather III… Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. How did you get involved with Michael again?
Michael first called me a couple of years ago, after he came back from Bahrain, then was in Ireland and Vegas for a while. We chitchatted, he called again and we started communicating about film projects. There were a couple of scripts we wanted to develop and produce. Then he got involved in this concert deal.

He called me in March and said, “Frank, I need someone with a little bit of experience. Would you like to manage me again and take care of all this stuff?” And I said, “Yeah, sure.” By the time I came in, everything was signed. Dr. Thome Thome—who is someone I don’t want to talk about in this interview—had miscalculated the scheduling on the dates, which is something I had to take care of, because Michael didn’t want to perform more than twice a week.

Q. Was Michael aware that he was signing for up to 50 individual shows?
Absolutely. I read the contract. I know what the minimum amount of dates were, as well as the maximum number of dates. That contract was read to Michael by three different lawyers, as well as Dr. Thome. He wanted to beat Prince’s record and be in the Guinness Book of World Records. He was the one who picked the number 50. There were enough ticket sales to do 85 shows, but he was zeroed in on 50. That’s what he wanted and that’s what happened. Dr. Thome had him doing three or four shows a week, though. I was adjusting and moving dates to try to make it more palatable for Michael to do.


CNN: Feds Zero in on Conrad Murray UPDATE #2

CNN’s Randy Kaye reported on Anderson 360 that sources say Conrad Murray is the only doctor they are currently focusing in on in the manslaughter investigation around Michael Jackson’s death.

This is despite many unverified reports that up to 20 doctors were allegedly being looked at.

There is speculation that a mysterious number of unnamed doctors were being probed. But either the police have ruled them out in the death of Jackson, or the cause of death had nothing to do with anything those doctors may or may not have given Jackson years or months ago.



Lee: ‘Jackson Did Not Present Himself As A Drug Addict’


When Michael Jackson died, all eyes turned to Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray immediately made it clear he did not give Michael the two drugs most people were talking about – Demerol and Oxycontin. But now, according to a law enforcement official, Murray has admitted that he did inject Jackson with Diprivan on the morning he died.

Today, in a new interview, nurse Cherilyn Lee says she turned down Jackson’s request for the powerful drug, and revealed to Access Hollywood how sleep became something the pop star desperately wanted.

“Mr. Jackson did not present himself as a drug addict and from January to April, I didn’t see that in him,” Lee told Access. “Even when it came to the Diprivan, he was looking for something that was going to help him sleep.”

Lee said Jackson was not addicted to drugs. He only wanted to sleep. So at Jackson’s request, Lee sat in his bedroom with him and watched him as he tried to sleep.