CNN: Feds Zero in on Conrad Murray UPDATE #2

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CNN’s Randy Kaye reported on Anderson 360 that sources say Conrad Murray is the only doctor they are currently focusing in on in the manslaughter investigation around Michael Jackson’s death.

This is despite many unverified reports that up to 20 doctors were allegedly being looked at.

There is speculation that a mysterious number of unnamed doctors were being probed. But either the police have ruled them out in the death of Jackson, or the cause of death had nothing to do with anything those doctors may or may not have given Jackson years or months ago.


From Kaye’s report (July 29 2009):

KAYE: There has been some movement here, Anderson. First let me tell you right away that a federal law enforcement official is telling us quote doctor Murray is the only one they are looking at. Once again that’s from a federal source saying they are only looking at doctor Conrad Murray.

It’s important to point out that we know other doctors’ records have been subpoenaed but now with three search warrants served on doctor Murray, clearly he is the central focus.

Watch a clip of the report below:


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