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  1. Conrad Murray found GUILTY of killing Michael Jackson.
  2. Libo Agwara, Attorney for Dr. Adams: “What happened to Michael Jackson was as a result of Dr. Murray’s greed.  Not only did [Murray] not hire another specialist, he decided to hire himself.  And he didn’t know what he was doing.   Let me tell you something, if Michael Jackson had hired who he wanted to hire, he would still be alive today.  Dr. Murray overruled Michael Jackson and hired himself because if my client (Dr. Adams) had been hired, Dr. Murray would not have been getting $150,000  a month. Because there would be no need for [Murray].” (Full Story)
  3. Mike Galanos (HLN): “May 10 you get the voice recording. What’s he do? Gives Michael more propofol”
  4. Hamid Towfigh talks about Murray case: “Doctor Murray was trying to hide the murder weapon… He didn’t give him CPR properly because he knew Michael Jackson was dead. ” (Full Story)
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Conrad Murray  – Verdict being read where Conrad Murray has been convicted of killing Michael Jackson

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