Julio Avila: Accuser’s brother had porn mags – History Highlight

According to a new document, the prosecution is trying to keep Julio Avila off the stand. Avila had some very interesting things to say about the accuser and his brother. Avila, in charge of operating the Neverland amusement park rides, was there when the Arvizo family visited the ranch. He says he observed both Star and Gavin Arvizo on several occasions. Avila says at one point, Gavin Arvizo told him that people at school were making fun of him and that Jackson was letting the family stay at the ranch so they could get away from harassment. Also from Avila’s declaration:

During their stay at the ranch, Star Arvizo wrote the words “You suck [d_ck]” on a wall in one of the control rooms in the park. Star also brought pornographic magazines to the park. I saw him bring a pornographic magazine to the park that he had hidden inside his pants. Star hid his pornographic magazines in various areas of the park, including inside the control box of the park stereo.

This porn magazine corroborates the testimony from M. Gomez who says during their stay at Neverland while she was cleaning the guest suite to which the accuser and brother were assigned, she saw pornographic magazines in a backpack she says belonged to Star Arvizo. This is certainly far from the picture prosecutors and the accuser’s themselves tried to paint. They testified the only time they’ve seen pornographic magazines is when Jackson allegedly showed them and that the only time they were involved with alcohol is when Jackson allegedly gave it to them. Obviously the jury may not longer find either of their testimonies credible. Here are the image scans:

Rowe Gives Up Parental Rights – MB#260 – Highlight History

This highlight history entry comes from a previous MJEOL Bullet concerning Debbie Rowe’s previous court filing giving up her parental rights to Michael Jackson’s children. Below, you will find excerpts from the transcripts of that paternity hearing, including extremely telling statements from her.
(From “Previous Statements from Rowe Could Undermine Pros. Plans – MB#260”
APRIL 25 2005)

– Stunning details about Debbie Rowe and the termination of her parental rights were revealed by Celebrity Justice (CJ) a few months ago in an article dated Feb 4 2005.

The “buzz” in the media now is that Rowe will be called by the prosecution dealing with an alleged “conspiracy” allegation in the Michael Jackson trial.

According to prosecution pundits, she may claim she was given a script to say in that 2003 rebuttal interview which aired on Fox called “Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See”.

There were very revealing details about what Rowe said at that Oct 2001 hearing where she officially terminated her parental rights. Unfortunately for the prosecution, in that 2001 hearing, she said some of the exact same things she said in that 2003 rebuttal interview.

Just because the prosecution has subpoenaed Rowe, doesn’t necessarily make her that great of a prosecution witness. A subpoena doesn’t always equate with cooperation. For example, the defense subpoenaed Jamie Masada a while ago. Does that make him a witness for the defense? Of course not.

As always, we have to be careful with proclamations about what a witness will say. The prosecution and the media have gotten into trouble repeatedly for promising/hyping up what a prosecution witness would say only to be “let down” when the witness testifies.

Graphic Testimony Turns into a Pile of Garbage on Cross – MJEOL Bullet #257


Graphic Testimony Turns into a Pile of Garbage on Cross-examination- MJEOL Bullet #257 Part 1 | Part 2 APRIL 11 2005 — What other way to give a full view of the witness’s allegation than to have them cross-examined about those allegations? April 7 was an unbelievable day in which jurors heard graphic allegations; allegations thrown into doubt by the actions of the people alleging them. Ralph Chacon and Adrian McManus both testified to either actually witnessing molestation or witnessing “inappropriate behavior” involving Michael Jackson and children. Neither one of these witnesses tried to stop what they claim they witnessed, didn’t call the cops at that time, didn’t quit their jobs and only made these allegations after the 1993 lawsuit was filed against Jackson. That suit was reportedly funded by Jackson’s insurance company, devoid of any admission of guilt whatsoever. The prosecution was obviously hoping to shock the jury so that they would overlook the 1.5 million tons of baggage all of these witnesses so far carry with them. Much has been made by media pundits about the “cumulative effect” of all of these witnesses. Pro-prosecution pundits scream ‘they can’t all be lying!’ Well, yeah, they can all be lying. It’s already happened before. Many of these eye-witnesses-come-lately have been found by independent entities – like another Santa Maria jury – to have defrauded Jackson, stolen from him, and lied under oath in previous depositions.

Tommy Mottola Faces The Music – Highlight History

Feature [b]Tommy Mottola Faces The Music[/b] From the March 3, 2003 issue of New York Magazine. Why was Tommy Mottola—the industry’s most flamboyant mogul, and one of its most powerful—pushed out of Sony’s beleaguered music division and replaced with NBC head Andy Lack? The real story behind Sony’s musical chairs. By Phoebe Eaton Buried under nineteen inches of snow and duct-taped into submission by terror warnings, New York was in a glum mood for the Grammys, back in town—APPLAUD NOW—for the first time since 1998. The Madison Square Garden festivities would be televised on CBS in prime time, punctuated with performances by such Sony money-spinners and award nominees as Bruce Springsteen, Ashanti, and the Dixie Chicks. But this year’s Sony party, held at the barnlike Hammerstein Ballroom nearby, stood to be conspicuously downscaled from the red-carpet extravaganzas of the not-so-distant past. Sony’s Grammy soirée had been second only to Clive Davis’s big-shot-heavy bacchanal. But no more. Maybe because nobody expected to run into the party’s recently deposed host, Sony’s pinky-ringed music man, Tommy Mottola. On January 9, Sony had faxed around a press release: The chairman and chief executive of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola (or Thomas D. Mottola, as he preferred to be known in the newspapers) would be leaving to launch a new venture. He’d been thinking about making a change for some time, it said, and while it’s true he had a couple years to go on his contract, Sony had suddenly, graciously agreed to spring him. Ever the diplomat, Sony America’s avuncular head, Sir Howard Stringer, saluted the outgoing Mottola as “an icon,” but there was no disguising the fact that the best-known and most flamboyant executive in the music business was out in a force play.

Family Kept Away from Jackson During Pros. Molestation Timeline – History

[i]Originally posted May 20 2005, this highlighted article spotlights testimony during the prosecution’s second molestation timeline.[/i] Family Kept Away from Jackson by Associates during Crucial Timeline – MB#268 MAY 20 2005 — Defense witness Azja Pryor testified yesterday in the Michael Jackson trial. She was Chris Tucker’s girlfriend at the time they knew the Arvizo family. To suggest that Pryor’s testimony was simply a ‘help’ to the defense is an unbelievable understatement. Not only did the defense get to knockdown the “hostage”/”conspiracy” charge, but they also got to address the molestation allegation through Pryor’s testimony. Pryor testified that in early March 2003, Janet Arvizo complained to her the Arvizo children were actively being kept away from Jackson by associates of Jackson. This is an enormous bombshell because, if you remember, the prosecution is alleging that this is the time the alleged “molestation” was supposed to have happened with the accuser sleeping in Jackson’s bed and the brother allegedly witnessing it. The obvious conclusion to draw is how in hell could Jackson have molested this kid if they were being kept away from him by his associates? That’s a question pro-prosecution pundits have absolutely avoided thus far because it directly attacks the molestation allegation.

Highlight History – Art Books Turned into “child porn” by Desperate Prosecution

Art Books Turned into ‘child porn’ by Desperate Prosecution – MB #262

Unbelievably desperate prosecutors now trying to turn two 1960s art books into “child porn”

MAY 1 2005 — Prosecutors have been scrambling in the past few days to put as much distance between Debbie Rowe’s explosive testimony and the end of their “case” as possible.

The prosecution has introduced 2 art books seized from Neverland in 1993….yeah, we’re back to 1993…again. They hope that the jury will overlook the fact that these books are legal, available for purchase, and really have nothing to do with either the 1993 allegation or the 2003 allegation.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, the prosecution always takes it one step further. One of the books is called “The Boy: A Photographic Essay” and consists of photographs taken on the set of the classic movie Lord of the Flies.

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info- MB #227 Highlight History

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info – MJEOL Bullet #227 Declaration by Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discusses incredibly damaging info about the accusing family’s credibility and current allegations NOVEMBER 29 2004 — Explosive new court documents (docs) were released recently that may have completely obliterated the accusing family’s conspiracy allegations in the Michael Jackson “case”. The info is so damaging that most of the general media has so far stayed away from even reporting in detail what was stated in the redacted defense docs. What are they afraid of? Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discussed the accusing family’s changing stories and request for psychological examinations. Even though a number of lines are blacked out in the court doc, much more info about the history of the accusing family is revealed. The history of this family is relevant because what some commentators don’t yet understand is that this is no longer a he-said/he-said “case”. The accusing family—the mother, the sister, and the accuser’s brother—are also leveling specific allegations against Jackson about the way they were treated and what they allegedly suffered at the hands of Jackson or his employees. That makes their history and credibility fair game as well. Oxman is the attorney who issued a subpoena which sparked the prosecution’s cry-baby motion as discussed in MJEOL Bullet #225: Prosecutors Whining After Obtaining Numerous Search Warrants. In his declaration, Oxman states that contrary to what prosecutors are claiming, the subpoena does not violate the privacy of any of the accusing family members. As a matter of fact, Oxman writes, the Court has already endorsed these subpoenas.