Daily Mail Gets in Trouble for doctoring MJ photos

Highlight History: [b]Nov 23, 2002[/b] In Nov 2002, the news agency Reuters had a bone to pick with the Daily Mail for doctoring photos of Michael Jackson. The photos were airbrushed, merged–who knows what else–and published with a negative headline questioning Jackson’s fitness to be a parent. By manipulating the photos, the Daily Mail breached the press commision’s code of practice, part one. It states: “Newspapers and periodicals must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted material, including pictures.” Reuters contractually stipulates that [i]no[/i] alterations can be made to any text or photographs sent out by them by any other news agency. The Daily Mail has a history of being not-so-accurate with information about Jackson and crossed the line when they doctored photographs of him. To read the full report of what happened, click [b]Read More…[/b]