MTV sets Jackson up for ridicule

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Of course all MJ fans remember the infamous ‘Artist of the Millennium’ incident with MTV in 2002. MTV has since chosen to take no responsibility in the matter and have laid the blame all at Michael’s and his people’s feet. It has since come to my knowledge that the ‘Artist of the Millennium’ award was promised to Michael by certain top executives at MTV as a way to get him on the show. There was no ‘misunderstanding’ on Michael’s part. Besides, I doubt Mike would have shown up lookin’ all fine on his birthday just to get some funky-a$s cardboard cake and a cheap, tacky trinket–that looked like it came from a dollar store–which was being passed out to everyone backstage. And he certainly wouldn’t have brought a prepared speech if he didn’t have it on good authority that he was to receive an award from MTV. And STILL I guess they didn’t let the webmaster at MTV in on their little change of plans because the ‘Artist of the Millennium’ information not only appeared at the place you see in the screenshot below, it also appeared on other parts of their website that night: [img][/img] There was even a guy who wrote a review of the show ALSO mentioning that MTV had the information up on their website the night of the awards show. As soon as I find the article, I will update this post.

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