Trial Review: Robson Testimony Begins to Crush 1108 Accusations– MB#295

Trial Review: Robson Testimony Begins to Crush 1108 Accusations– MB#295

JANUARY 4 2006 — MJEOL’s Trial Reviews now brings us to the testimony of Wade Robson and the issue of what’s called “1108 evidence” or alleged “prior bad acts”.

In Jackson’s “case”, calling what Judge Rodney Melville allowed into this trial “prior bad acts” didn’t fit. What this “1108 evidence” amounted to was a bunch of unfounded accusations with zero evidence to back them up, leveled by a gang of people who were literally sued into bankruptcy by Jackson.

The way this played out in the Jackson trial, which is very dangerous to an innocent and famous person, is that prosecutors were allowed to call witnesses to the stand to make accusations concerning Jackson’s behavior with children in the past.

Three prosecution witnesses, Ralph Chacon, Adrian McManus and Kassim Abdool came in under a desperate attempt by prosecutors to get a conviction against Jackson.

The prosecution’s shortsighted, vindictive nature wouldn’t prepare them for what the defense revealed in court about these witnesses’ backgrounds.

Creating ‘Accusers’ Could Backfire on Desperate Prosecution – MB #255

Creating ‘Accusers’ Could Backfire on Desperate Prosecution – MJEOL Bullet #255
By bringing in ridiculous, witness-come-lately allegations, the prosecution may be giving Jackson a chance to go after old tabloid rumors

APRIL 1 2005 — There is an old saying “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Someone should have made sure prosecutors in the Michael Jackson so-called “case” were aware of this before they talked Judge Rodney Melville into allowing in previous allegations-come-lately by what some observers have called a gang of crooks who had their hands out in 1993.

First, it’s important to note what prosecutors want to do. They want to introduce allegations from “witnesses” who claimed they saw Jackson molest kids. These “witnesses” are former employees each with a negative history of their own with Jackson. Neither of these people called the police at the time they allegedly saw a crime in progress.

The prosecution isn’t going to have 5 accusers come in to testify. They don’t even have 5 accusers. He’s going to have 9 employees come in to say that they “witnessed molestation”, and one accuser whose mother is already on record denying the allegation.

Now, why they said nothing at the time or why Jackson wasn’t charged with any of these miraculously remembered “molestations” from ex-employees is beyond a number of observers. So, we are now supposed to believe that not only is Jackson a “child molester”, but that he routinely molests children in front of people?! In internet language: WTF??

Second, the majority of these named young adults have never even made an allegation against Jackson. Yep, you read correctly. The prosecution by way of these crackpot witnesses will create “victims” when there are none. What’s worse is that two mothers who are supposed to be testifying, Blanca Francia and June Chandler have problems of their own.

For example, the 1993 accuser filed for emancipation and hasn’t spoken to his mother, reportedly, in the past 12 years. A number of people aren’t surprised at all that the judge allowed these non-allegations into this current nonexistent “case”.The prosecution has been allowed a considerable amount of free-reign in this trial.

With that said, the defense has thrown down the gauntlet by promising that these miraculously recovered allegations will turn into full blown trials because they plan to vigorously and thoroughly challenge these witnesses in every way, shape and form.