Lee Thomas on 20/20 Discussing Vitiligo (VIDEO)

{seyretpic id=36 align=right}Last night (Jan 4 2008), an interview with reporter Lee Thomas was aired on 20/20 where he discussed suffering with the effects of vitiligo.

The reporter talked about the reactions people had towards him; some good, some bad. But he spoke of having the courage to openly discuss something which he had continuously tried to keep secret for a long time.

Vitiligo, as discussed on the FAQ section here at MJEOL, affects millions of people. African-Americans in particular have to deal with the devastating psychological effects the non-contagious disorder brings.

New Jackson Leak Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation?– Bullet #155

‘New’ Jackson Leak a Tempest in a Teacup? Act of Desperation? – MJEOL Bullet #155

Tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has somehow gotten her hands on what she claims to be the settlement document from 1993.This was such “important” news that both Court TV and, later, MSNBC, broke into their programming to talk about this ‘new’ 11 year old information.And for what?

After all the initial craziness, what we now know is that Jackson didn’t pay the accuser millions of dollars after all.It was, from the info in the document, paid by an insurance company.

If this document is indeed authentic, however redacted, we also learn that the money went into a trust fund for the accuser, not directly to him.We also know that Jackson maintained that he is innocent of any wrongdoing in the settlement.