Lee Thomas on 20/20 Discussing Vitiligo (VIDEO)

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{seyretpic id=36 align=right}Last night (Jan 4 2008), an interview with reporter Lee Thomas was aired on 20/20 where he discussed suffering with the effects of vitiligo.

The reporter talked about the reactions people had towards him; some good, some bad. But he spoke of having the courage to openly discuss something which he had continuously tried to keep secret for a long time.

Vitiligo, as discussed on the FAQ section here at MJEOL, affects millions of people. African-Americans in particular have to deal with the devastating psychological effects the non-contagious disorder brings.

Thomas also mentioned Michael Jackson as being a sufferer and says he, too, used to wear gloves to hide the disorder when it began showing on his hands.

Initially, it has been reported, that Jackson began wearing the one glove back in the 1980s to cover up the fact that the disorder was starting to take affect.

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