MJEOL made Tribute Vids

ARCHIVE 1st Video{flvremote}http://www.mjeol.com/flash/mjeol_beginning2.flv{/flvremote}  2nd Video{flvremote}http://www.mjeol.com/flash/mjeol_kidfried_originalStereo.flv{/flvremote}   3rd video Made for MJ’s 50th birthday{flvremote}http://www.mjeol.com/flash/50thBirthday_Scatterheart_0001.flv{/flvremote}  


Chris Brown finally gets his Michael Jackson tribute at BET Awards 2010 | EW.com

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only been one Michael Jackson tribute. Tonight (June 27) Chris Brown finally got his shot at paying homage to his fallen idol, Michael Jackson, at the BET Awards 2010. Jackson’s brother Jermaine introduced Brown, who popped up on stage in a blue shirt, black slacks, white socks, and Jackson’s trademark black loafers. It was a spot-on pull from Jackson’s look at 1988′s Grammy Awards.


Michael Jackson’s Doctor Says He Has Evidence To Put People In Prison

Dr Steven Hoefflin, Michael Jackson’s former plastic surgeon, has released a statement in response to the lawsuit being brought against him by Dr. Arnold Klein for defamation of character, claiming it’s part of a larger conspiracy. In addition, RadarOnline.com has obtained secret documents revealing the behind-the-scenes war between Hoefflin, various Continue Reading