Lee: ‘Jackson Did Not Present Himself As A Drug Addict’


When Michael Jackson died, all eyes turned to Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray immediately made it clear he did not give Michael the two drugs most people were talking about – Demerol and Oxycontin. But now, according to a law enforcement official, Murray has admitted that he did inject Jackson with Diprivan on the morning he died.

Today, in a new interview, nurse Cherilyn Lee says she turned down Jackson’s request for the powerful drug, and revealed to Access Hollywood how sleep became something the pop star desperately wanted.

“Mr. Jackson did not present himself as a drug addict and from January to April, I didn’t see that in him,” Lee told Access. “Even when it came to the Diprivan, he was looking for something that was going to help him sleep.”

Lee said Jackson was not addicted to drugs. He only wanted to sleep. So at Jackson’s request, Lee sat in his bedroom with him and watched him as he tried to sleep.


AP: Cook talks about Jackson Doc’s Behavior the Day Jackson Died


On the day Michael Jackson died, his personal chef says her first hint of something amiss was when his doctor didn’t come downstairs to get the juices and granola he routinely brought the King of Pop for breakfast each morning.

Kai Chase, a professionally trained chef hired by Jackson to maintain a healthy food regimen, recalled the singer’s final days in an interview with The Associated Press. She also spoke about the role of his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who is now the focus of a manslaughter investigation.

Chase said Tuesday that she had gotten used to seeing Murray coming and going from the mansion. The doctor usually arrived about 9 or 9:30 p.m. and would go upstairs to Jackson’s room, and she said she would not see him again before she left — sometimes late in the evening — but understood he was staying the night.

In the morning, when she arrived for work, Chase said she would see the doctor coming down the steps carrying oxygen tanks. When Murray didn’t come downstairs the morning of June 25, “I thought maybe Mr. Jackson is sleeping late,” Chase said.


Police raid Conra Murray’s Las Vegas residence


Update: Police have had Dr. Conrad Murray’s Las Vegas residence under surveillance for 48 hours and now marked police cars are now openly showing themselves in front of the residence.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been under covert 24/7 surveillance by police for two days, has learned exclusively.

Los Angeles police and Las Vegas police have been outside Murray’s Las Vegas residence, watching it night and day.

A source familiar with the investigation told exclusively that Murray has been under surveillance for at least 48 hours.

Murray administered propofol to Michael Jackson, the Associated Press reported last night. Propofol is a powerful anesthetic that is always administered with oxygen. Autopsy reports have not been released.


Sheriff probing whether coroner’s employees sold Michael Jackson information

6:27 PM | July 24, 2009

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators launched an inquiry Friday into whether county coroner’s employees illegally leaked or sold private information from Michael Jackson’s death investigation.

“They just want to make sure that nothing criminal has occurred,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Whitmore said sheriff’s investigators contacted coroner’s staff Friday and planned to handle the inquiry with the district attorney’s office. He said they were asked to investigate by county supervisors.

Supervisors have also called for a county audit of the coroner’s office, said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. There’s “enough concern about what’s going on in the coroner’s office” to merit the investigations, he said.


LA coroner seeks records from Jackson nutritionist

Michael Jackson’s former nutritionist is the latest person authorities are tapping as they piece together the star’s medical history.

Los Angeles County Coroner’s officials are at the Inglewood office of Cherilyn Lee, serving a subpoena for records related to her treatment of Jackson, Lee’s spokeswoman says.


Feds Raid Conrad Murray’s Houston Office


Law enforcement officials have raided the Houston office of the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died.

Officials raided Dr. Conrad Murray’s Armstrong Medical Clinic in Acres Homes Wednesday morning, acting on a search warrant acquired by the LAPD.

Houston police and DEA agents assisted the LAPD with the raid.

Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Houston and Las Vegas, was with Jackson when the 50-year-old pop star suddenly went into cardiac arrest in his rented Los Angeles home last month.

Damning Docs from Debbie Rowe Parental Rights Termination Hearing

Damaging documents from Debbie Rowe’s Parental Rights termination hearing were found and posted years ago by the now defunct entertainment show Celebrity Justice.

The documents are a transcript of the hearing where Rowe has some very damning things to say about her relationship – or lack thereof – with Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson.

At the Oct 17 2001 hearing when Rowe was represented by attorney Iris Finsilver, she said the last time she had even seen the children was almost a year before the hearing. She also testified that she never had so much as a desire to call them over the phone.


Grace Rwaramba Slaps down False Reports: Press Release

“Michael Jackson was an exceptional Human Being. He was gifted, deeply compassionate and brought joy to the lives of so many. He loved his family dearly, and above all, his beautiful children.

In addition to being my employer over the past 17 years and entrusting the care of his beloved children to me, he was my dear friend. While our friendship had challenges, as do all friendships, he was loyal to the end. I cherish and honor his memory.


Mashable: Major Perez Hilton Backlash after Jackson Rpt

Earlier today we mentioned the role of social media in distributing news of tragic deaths, including those of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett today. The LA Times, we noted, is frequently being cited as a source of the Jackson news, and yet the blog appears to have confirmed the story much earlier.

Meanwhile, opportunists sprung upon the news to spread false rumors of other celebrity deaths, a situation that could once again give fuel to the argument that social media is not trustworthy.



BET Awards to Overhaul Show, Tribute to MJ

The BET Awards are undergoing “a total overhaul” as the show is retooled as a tribute to Michael Jackson, the network said Friday. The telecast is being lengthened, performers are being added to the lineup and additional guests are expected to attend, said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive of Black Entertainment Television.

“We’re adding on,” Lee said from the Shrine Auditorium, where the awards will be presented Sunday. “We’re trying to do the numbers we had already planned and we’re trying to add on, so it may be a longer show than we anticipated.”

At least 30 minutes will be added to the broadcast, she said. Jamie Foxx is set to host the show.