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Will.i.am talks about MJ

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Crave Online: How was that experience with Michael Jackson?

Will.i.am: That felt like a dream. You’re there in Ireland. It’s green hills. It’s Michael Jackson. You’re in the cottage making beats, dance beats. He’s like dancing and sh*t.

I’m like, “I’m hungry.” He says, “Why don’t you take the horse? Take the horse and pick apples. It’s wonderful. We love doing it. The horses love going apple picking.” I’m like, “All right, I’ll f*cking go.” I swear to God. I’m on a f*cking horse. Michael Jackson’s like, “Wow, it’s great.” The horse is picking apples. I’m like picking apples and junk, putting them in a bag.

I’m like wow, this is like picking apples with Michael Jackson on horseback. Look at that sh*t, right?

Jared Jones: Michael Jackson is my favorite

Jared Jones, a Richmond DJ who goes by the name Vibelicious, gives a little shoutout to his favorite artist and someone he hopes to work with: Michael Jackson.

“I’ve been listening to Jamiroquai lately. I would love to do anything with Lady Gaga. I’m really loving her right now. But my all time favorite is Michael Jackson. I don’t care what anyone says.”


Jackson brother at show premiere (Tito)

Jackson brother at show premiere

tito01 Michael Jackson’s brother Tito has attended the opening night of a West End show about his family.

Thriller – Live has been billed as a tribute to the hits and career of pop star Jackson and The Jackson 5.

Last year producers held open auditions to find a young actor to play the musical legend on stage.

Tito, who said he was “very excited” about seeing the show, signed autographs outside the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue.


Janet Cancels More Tour Dates

Janet Jackson is having a hard time due to "poor health issues" and scheduling conflicts. The superstar has canceled the next tour dates for her "Rock Witchu" tour.  This comes after LL Cool J pulled out of the tour also citing "scheduling conflicts".


The seven cities affected are Montreal (Canada), Boston, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Ft. Lauderdale, Uncasville and Syracuse.  Any tickets purchased for the shows will be automatically refunded.


Corbin Bleu talks about Meeting Jackson and Kids

corbinbleu_small.jpgActor and High School Musical hottie Corbin Bleu sat down to talk to Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live). During the interview, he mentioned meeting the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his children backstage.

Jackson’s children are huge fans of the High School musicial series and it’s director used to work with Jackson. Read on for a transcript and to see video of the interview…