Corbin Bleu talks about Meeting Jackson and Kids

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corbinbleu_small.jpgActor and High School Musical hottie Corbin Bleu sat down to talk to Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live). During the interview, he mentioned meeting the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his children backstage.

Jackson’s children are huge fans of the High School musicial series and it’s director used to work with Jackson. Read on for a transcript and to see video of the interview…

Jimmy Kimmel (JK): When you were a kid did you have somebody that you idolized?? In the way that these kids go crazy for you and your coworkers.

Corbin Bleu (CB): Yes. Michael Jackson! My mom is a huge eighties fan. And I pretty much grew up listening to Michael in the womb. She would pretty much put the headphones on.

I actually got the opportunity to meet him, once!

JK: Where did you meet him?

Corbin Bleu: Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical, has done Michael’s tour numerous times. He has worked on music videos.

He actually came to the ‘High School Musica’l concert in Los Angeles.

JK: Michael Jackson???

Corbin Bleu: Michael Jackson came to the ‘High School Musical’ concert. With his kids. His kids are huge fans.

And… he actually came to the backstage. And you know… of course all these huge bodyguards come in and they check the surrounding and make sure there’s no cameras.

And then Michael walks in! He has got these big shades on. And, I mean – he is so cool. He is a guy… that’s first of all. He is a dude… Most people – if you see him – a lot of people think of him as you know…. more of a frail kind of person. Dude walks in… he is a big guy… he has got a strong handshake.

JK: Really???

Corbin Bleu: Yeah. He is very much of a… you know, he is a dude.

The crazy part was that afterwards, we had to do the show…knowing that he is sitting right there. And we could see him. And my bit in the show is almost an entire homage to him. I mean, between the outfit I pop up on the stage… a lot of the moves. I am sitting up here going: "Michael Jackson’s watching me dance right now!" I mean, it was just one of the most surreal moments of my life. But I grew up being so inspired by him, and loving him. I love his work.


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