Asian Superstar Yunho Comments about Performing at MJ Tribute Concert

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Member of the Asian supergroup TVXQ (Tohoshinki or DBSK) Yunho was selected to headline the tribute concert to Michael Jackson in South Korea this year.

The tall, slender, long-legged Yunho has been a proud fan of Michael Jackson since he was a kid, but is not fluent in English. That didn’t stop him from matching almost word for word while singing and dancing live during the tribute concert.

He was interviewed and had the following to say about the experience: (keep in mind that this is a translation of his words):

The subject was changed to Michael Jackson. U-Know Yunho recently got on stage for the pop star’s domestic tribute concert. There is a famous story circulating that the American staff, who had looked down upon U-Know Yunho as an artiste famous only in Asia, changed their attitudes after they watched him perform. U-Know Yunho said, “I want to be an artiste like Michael Jackson who shines regardless of time,” and “I hope to be viewed as someone who keeps maturing and growing as a person and as a singer who is not fazed by the rumors floating around.”

“I think that I’ve pretended to be bright a lot as the team’s leader till now. But I’m someone who feels lonely very easily, so I constantly have to discipline myself to pay attention and come to my senses. Music has always cleansed my loneliness and sorrow. People say that I’m so strong-hearted that I never cry, but I’m only restraining myself to keep the promise I made with myself. When I get to the top, I want to cry my eyes out just once.” It may have been that his heart was already crying though his ‘leader’ position stops him from outwardly doing so.

Source: Naver Music


A little backstory about the group TVXQ and their current situation: TVXQ is gigantic. I mean, in Asia, they are treated with the kind of pandemonium and loyalty that Mike during the height of his popularity.  They have the largest fanclub in the world with over 700,000 registered members. And those are only the ones who chose to pay whatever fee you have to pay in order to beome a recognized member.

The are also breaking records in Japan. Though they are a Korean group, they are the first non-Japanese artists in history to have 8 number one songs at the top of the Japanese Oricon Chat (like what Billboard is to us). That is almost unheard of.

Right now, the group is going through a tough time as 3 members are fighting for fair treatment from an antiquated management system in Korea where artists are treated like the property of Korean entertainment companies instead of artists.Get more info about them at


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