Pathetic Attempts to Spark a Jackson Scandal? – MiniBullet#34

Pathetic Attempts to Spark a Jackson Scandal?  – MiniBullet#34

April 2 2007 – What do you do when you are publicly embarrassed by Raymone Bain after publishing the story that Michael Jackson has been hospitalized with pneumonia?

Well, you turn the story into something else entirely and tack on independently unverifiable comments from shady, unnamed sources!

The apparently false story of Jackson being {tag hospitalized} with pneumonia came out a few days ago.  

{tag Raymone Bain} released a statement denying that Jackson was hospitalized for pneumonia. Bain confirmed that Jackson and other people around him had gotten ill following whirlwind visits to {tag Japan} and {tag London} last month.

Apparently the truth is never good enough for some people.
I absolutely refuse to give any publicity to the pathetic, Jackson-bashing online reporter who appears to have started this.

It seems as if this person has a hard-on for ridiculous Jackson rumors and pushing dubious-sounding information onto those who don’t know any better. Or maybe this person just has a hard-on for Jackson? I wouldn’t be surprised.

As with anything Jackson-related, the need to exaggerate — and to be all up in his business as if they should get a say in what he does — is still present in a few of the usual suspects.