Pathetic Attempts to Spark a Jackson Scandal? – MiniBullet#34

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Pathetic Attempts to Spark a Jackson Scandal?  – MiniBullet#34

April 2 2007 – What do you do when you are publicly embarrassed by Raymone Bain after publishing the story that Michael Jackson has been hospitalized with pneumonia?

Well, you turn the story into something else entirely and tack on independently unverifiable comments from shady, unnamed sources!

The apparently false story of Jackson being {tag hospitalized} with pneumonia came out a few days ago.  

{tag Raymone Bain} released a statement denying that Jackson was hospitalized for pneumonia. Bain confirmed that Jackson and other people around him had gotten ill following whirlwind visits to {tag Japan} and {tag London} last month.

Apparently the truth is never good enough for some people.
I absolutely refuse to give any publicity to the pathetic, Jackson-bashing online reporter who appears to have started this.

It seems as if this person has a hard-on for ridiculous Jackson rumors and pushing dubious-sounding information onto those who don’t know any better. Or maybe this person just has a hard-on for Jackson? I wouldn’t be surprised.

As with anything Jackson-related, the need to exaggerate — and to be all up in his business as if they should get a say in what he does — is still present in a few of the usual suspects. 

What started out as a false story about Jackson being hospitalized for pneumonia then spiraled into a ‘Jackson makes up illnesses for attention and to get prescription medicine’ story. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming!

Aside from being unsubstantiated, this gossip is alleged to be from a source claiming to be an “insider”. I know, I know. I rolled my eyes when I read it, too.

The current piece of unsubstantiated mess proclaims an unnamed “insider” has said Jackson goes to hospitals to get drugs from doctors. I guess he never gets sick either?

The report is topped off with speculation by the reporter that Jackson may go to hospitals for attention. As if he doesn’t get too much already.

First, if Jackson has or will develop pneumonia, how much of a heartless bastard do you have to be not to at least wish him and his family well while using his name to get a headline? Woops. I forgot he’s not human. He is an inanimate object to these people.

Second, it doesn’t make sense that Bain would deny Jackson being hospitalized if Jackson went to the hospital for attention in the first place, like the reporter speculates.

So even before one gets into arguing about the facts/lies of the story, the logic of at least part of the speculation doesn’t make sense.

Third, given the way Jackson has jettisoned tons of excess baggage in the form of allegedly crooked advisers, usurpers, alleged thieves, liars, and shysters, it’s questionable that he would have anyone stupid enough in his inner circle who would talk to low-grade reporters about anything.

Fourth, if the story isn’t true, it isn’t true. No amount of parsing Bain’s words and trying to spin it into something else is going to change it. Because of the personal nature of the rumor, a story like this can easily be tracked back to someone if it were true.

Thus, an unnamed source won’t be unknown for long.

On the flip side, a false story like this could easily be used to trap a suspected rat if Jackson were trying to figure out if there was a leak in his organization.

However, if this little gossip has originated from an outsider looking for attention by calling themselves an ‘insider’ (which is what I suspect) then that’s pathetic beyond belief.

The only thing more pitiful is the person(s) who snatched up the gossip and ran screaming with it around the newsroom like a little kid who found a fake ring in a Cracker Jack box. Breaking news, indeed!


__disGrace gets into the act__
Not to let a chance of spreading false Jackson information to her audience slip by, {tag Nancy (dis)Grace} got into the act as well during a March 29 show.

She snatched up the report as true and connected it to lawsuits filed against Jackson; one of which involving a Santa Maria hospital being sued by the family of a woman who died while Jackson was there.

The speculation, according to her, is that Jackson fakes injuries to go to the hospital for sympathy. Never mind that he didn’t have pneumonia. Never mind that he wasn’t hospitalized with it. Never mind that he denied the hospital story to begin with.

Don’t laugh! She seemed like she was serious! The country-fried heffa even went all the way back to that time Jackson got bit by a spider! That’s just how desperate she appeared to be when she tried to shore up her speculation.

And a member of her proverbial choir, {tag Jane Valez-Mitchell}, certainly wasn’t trying to disabuse {tag Nancy Grace} of any of these ridiculous notions.

Just a small note on the {tag spider bite}: Yeah it happened. Jackson even allowed photographs to be taken of his leg, as reported here and at other news outlets years ago.

Strange situations often create strange bedfellows as it was The Globe tabloid that got the first pics of Jackson’s spider bite.

Other pictures of a healing wound surfaced later as well.  It’s a shame I had to go back into the archives from 4 years ago to dig up those photos to directly refute some desperate reporter’s whining about a damn spider bite.

Anyway, if her ridiculous theory –Jackson goes to hospital when he gets sued — were true, he’d never leave the hospital since it seems that everybody and their cross-eyed grandmother likes to sue Jackson for one reason or another.

Like many reporters when it comes to Jackson news, it almost never seems to occur to them that they are being lied to by these “insiders”, even when there is evidence to the contrary. By the way, how many times have we (the public) been lied to by a shady, unnamed “Jackson insider” using a gullible, but rather insatiable, know-nothing, wannabe Jackson-know-it-all reporter to push their own agenda in the public?

Countless times. I still remember when “Jackson insiders” told {tag Forbes} that he was months away from selling the Beatles catalog. Never mind that it’s been at least 5 years since that breaking news came out.

There have also been a slew of false reports recently claiming everything from ‘Jackson is not coming to Las Vegas’, to ‘Jackson went to [tag London} to meet {tag Paul McCartney} to sell the Beatles catalog’, to ‘Jackson thrown out of Michael Flatley’s (Lord of the Dance) house in Ireland’.

None of which turned out to be true. As for that ‘{tag 50 foot robot} in {tag Las Vegas}’ story making the rounds now: I’ll believe it when I see the reds of the lasers shooting out of its eyes! And don’t even get me started on the mountain of crap-tacular speculation about Neverland’s ownership, about the 2005 trial, or about how much money Jackson has…used to have….or will ever have!

These latest rumors seem to be just another piece to add to the pile of crap. Hey if we’re lucky, maybe that alleged 50 foot Jackson robot can set that pile of crap ablaze with those laser eyes! Good grief.


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