L.A. investigators want to interview Jackson

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Variety L.A. investigators want to interview Jackson Adam Sandler (2) Nov 19, 1993 The Los Angeles district attorney wants to interview singer Michael Jackson and has told the singer’s attorneys that investigators will go “anywhere, anytime” to speak with the pop star. In a testy response to the recent missives fired by Jackson reps alleging the D.A. and LAPD investigators are intimidating young witnesses with threats and coercion, L.A. district attorney Gil Garcetti has officially informed Jackson’s criminal attorney, Howard Weitzman, that investigators want to interview the singer, sources said Thursday. 24-hour warning The move signals the D.A.’s first official attempt to contact Jackson. In the letter, Garcetti gave Jackson’s attorney 24 hours to respond to the request. Weitzman said in a press conference Monday that his office would “take whatever action we deem appropriate” if contacted by LAPD investigators or if a search or arrest warrant for Jackson was issued. A spokesperson for the D.A. said Garcetti would not confirm or deny the existence of the request. The whereabouts of Jackson remain secret, and sources say Garcetti wants the singer’s location disclosed to his office. Source: http://print.google.com/print/doc?articleid=dAywsRxWiAA

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