Jackson Grand Jury Disbanded – 1994

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Copyright 1994 Cable News Network, Inc. All rights reserved CNN SHOW: Showbiz Today 5:32 pm ET May 2, 1994 Transcript # 532-1 TYPE: Show SECTION: Entertainment LENGTH: 435 words HEADLINE: Grand Jury Disbanded in Michael Jackson Case BYLINE: JIM MORET HIGHLIGHT: The grand jury in the Michael Jackson investigation has been disbanded, and one jury member said no damaging evidence was heard. Jackson’s attorney said he believes no criminal charges will ever be filed. BODY: JIM MORET, Anchor: More than eight months after a teenage boy first accused Michael Jackson of sexual molestation, it remains unclear whether criminal charges will ever be filed against the superstar. After three months of investigating child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, the Santa Barbara County grand jury disbanded Friday without announcing any action. HOWARD WEITZMAN, Jackson Attorney: I did not believe the district attorney’s office in Santa Barbara County would ask this particular grand jury for an indictment, so we’re not surprised at all. MORET: One juror told CNN he did not hear any damaging testimony during the hearings. CNN has previously reported the panel was never asked to render an indictment, and that no vote was taken to do so. The 19-member panel was used as in information gathering tool, compelling testimony from witnesses, including former Jackson valet Miko Brando, former Jackson private investigator Anthony Pelicano, and the mother of a boy who admitted to CNN to having slept with the entertainer in the same bed. But in a joint statement released last week, both Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon Jr.and L.A. District Attorney Gil Garcetti declined to predict when the investigation would conclude. The dismissal of the Santa Barbara County grand jury, however, does not mean the investigation is over. Mr. WEITZMAN: I think, it’s a guess, this district attorney in Santa Barbara County could definitely impanel another grand jury for reasons unbeknownst to me, and this grand jury in Los Angeles could continue to try and call witnesses. MORET: Law enforcement officials in both counties began their criminal probes last August, when a then-13-year-old boy accused the entertainer of sexual abuse during a five-month relationship. The teenager filed a civil suit against Jackson, but it was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, with reports ranging from $5 million to $50 million. When contacted by CNN, neither the Santa Barbara nor Los Angeles County District Attorneys would comment on the status of the Jackson case. Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s attorney tell us the entertainer is in New York recording a new album. Howard Weitzman says Jackson sounds well, he’s energetic, and wants to put all of this behind him. The preceding text has been professionally transcribed. However, although the text has been checked against an audio track, in order to meet rigid distribution and transmission deadlines, it may not have been proofread against tape. LOAD-DATE: May 3, 1994

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