Jury awards Avram 5.3M instead of 21.2M

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The jury in the Avram case has seen fit, for whatever reason, to award Marcel Avram–the ex-con that was sentenced to 3 years in German jail on 12 counts of tax evasion–5.3M dollars instead of the 21.2M he was asking for. During this trial, journalists lit up the tabloid and regular press with sensationalized stories about Jackson on everything from his relationship with children to his alleged and totally unsubstantiated ‘voodoo curses’. Unless this jury was sequestered, it would be asinine to think that the headlines had no effect on how they felt about Jackson, regardless of any Judge’s instruction. Avram’s obnoxious lawyer plans to appeal the 5.3M verdict because he feels that Avram–and consequently himself–should get more money. Michael went to Germany to provide “moral support” for Avram during Avram’s time in a prison in Germany. During that time, Michael told the press: “It is very painful for me to see my friend Marcel Avram being sent back to prison in spite of his age and the delicate state of his health,” Michael says, who took up residence with his entourage in Munich’s Bayerischer Hof hotel, “As long as Marcel needs me, I will stay with him.” So, just like Bashir did with his ‘mockumentary’, someone else proves to Michael that he cannot and probably should not put his trust in people. And we wonder why he doesn’t let people into his life?? :careless As of now, it is unknown if Mike’s lawyers plan to appeal this verdict. Stay tuned to :document[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=SF&f=2]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] and :document[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=SF&f=3]MJ NEWS[/url] for the latest info. -MJEOL

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