Toure, A True Brotha or a Sell Out?

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[b]Toure (A Featured Writer on Rolling Stone Magazine) A True Brotha or a Sell Out? Tuesday March 11 , 2003[/b] by Bee [img][/img] An Artist’s rendition of this clown. He is the voice of the black community. Yea right! (FOX) I recently saw this “brotha” on the Television shows “Dateline NBC” and “American Morning on CNN” talking about what he “knows” about the legendary MJ. I was totally shocked and insulted about seeing a brotha following what most of the white media say about Mr. Jackson. He said in the Dateline special (I only watched 30 minutes of it) that in 1984, MJ was not interested in women. Now, I am not going to spend my time talking about Mike’s business, BUT, who is this Toure dude saying that MJ is not interested in females just because he believes that MJ is not that kind of guy? Well, Toure, we all NEVER see you with a female, so why talk about someone that you really don’t care about, when you’re no better? Then, he goes on to say that Mike is a freak, who fell off and hasn’t got that spark back. Well, to be honest, this Toure guy works a magazine who, in my opinion, never gave respect to blacks to begin with, barely put blacks on their covers and praises idiots like the Osbournes and Britney Spears, for unknown reasons. If MJ never existed, Toure wouldn’t even have a job to begin with. He knows nothing about contemporary pop/R&B/soul music today. You can’t even talk about that kind of music without giving Mr. Jackson some props. Toure is a total joke. I hope he reads this and realizes that he made himself look like a fool talking about MJ, like he shot his cat. I mean, if you see this guy, he has a nappy afro; he has a gap in his teeth. He can’t groom himself and wear matching clothing if his life depended on it. Who wears Nike socks with Adidas sneakers? Be real. Source:[url=]…3/03122003.html[/url] 😆

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