Chuck D (Public Enemy) disses Toure, clown from RS

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Backlog: Toure is a hack writer for Rolling Stone Magazine that has gone on various programs dissing Mike at every chance he gets. He was also the bastard that was on the Dateline NBC tabloid special about Michael in February, talking all kinds of $Hit about Michael. The following is on PublicEnemy’s website: [quote] Writer TOURE has a lot of nerve calling MIKE JAX a clown on national TV. Once again proving that the media will always draft one of us in sellout suit mode to dis. Again I ask where do cats like this get their qualifications to do such damage? After all this is the same guy who was telling folks he ruined PE with his scathing ROLLING STONES album review of MUSE. I can take it but I couldn’t stand to see a cat that’s never made music, or win a Pulitzer, say MIKE JAX music is wack. I peeped it, thanks to harsh reality for the heads up.[/quote] :laugh Source: [url=][/url] :applause Thanks to WildStyle at MJJF for the heads up.

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