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This is the latest post from him: [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 01:04 PM The music is done and ready. The only thing holding it up is finally signing off on who is going to push it and how. The recent re-org (not as recent as it is being reported, I alluded to it in January, before the Bashir interview) has gone a long way to enable finalization of plans. On the legal, and PR, side a much more aggresive and pro-active policy is in place. The words ZERO TOLERANCE are now the mantra. For example Vanity Fair have been told in no uncertain term if they push forward with their pieces we’ll demolish them.[/quote] [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 02:01 PM Yep, there is more… A watershed has been reached where Mike has decided enough is enough. The changes that are going on are a reflection of the people that are needed to carry out a plan. The plan? Simple. To realize the ambition for Mike to have, this year, a No1 single, a No1 Album and to realize the best tour humanly possible. Anyone who wants to stand in the way of that or deson’t feel that vision is excess baggage. With reference to the media if someone tries to kick Mike down they are going to find five of us kicking them back. Someone goes after him we will ALL go after them. No holds barred. We tried of seeing Mike and his family hurt, the fans hurt and the belief of a few that they think they can destroy his legacy. This is a complete sea change in the way matters are going, indeed are, being handled. Beacuse when you back someone into a corner they only way to come out is fighting. [/quote] Click ‘Read More’ to read the rest. [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 03:51 PM 1. We have heard the new album is done. We have heard it will be released soon. What month are we looking at for the first single? By early summer. 2. Will the new album be under Sony? Has a budget been set for promotion? How much is it? Most likely. Yes. The amount that was peldged but never realised for Invincible. 3. Have the singles been selected for release? How many singles will there be? Have any videos been shot? No. Uncertain. No Comment. 4. Will there be a American and Canadian Tour this year? Will Toronto or Montreal be a destination? Are either Janet, or the Jackson 5 going to be performing with Michael? That’s the plan. The size and kind of venues are still not defined. Possible that everyone will get together for a couple of show, including Janet, Rebbie and La Toya. 5. Is the new album called, “Force”? If not, is there a working title? No. Yes. 6. Approximately what percentage of the new songs will be produced by Quincy Jones? I can’t say, both from a confidential aspect and from a certainty aspect. 7. What is the status of What More Can I Give? I honestly don’t know. 8. Is Michael Jackson preparing to sue Sony Music for Unpaid Royalties? No Comment. 9. What are the planned deliverables (i.e. new album, box set, greatest hits)? Specifically, what order will they come in, and will all of these deliverables be released under Sony Music? A new album. A live DVD. 10. Is Michael going to leave Sony Music? After which deliverable? Does he have a deliverable ready for the next label? Who is the next label? No Comment.[/quote] [url=]MJJF[/url] More from LTTW: ———————————————— [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 11 2003, 07:06 AM OK, let’s back up a second and discuss the interview. A few of you have made valid points regarding what I said a couple of weeks before the interview which was in contrast to the reality of the content. Firstly, Bashir is being disingenuous in claiming that MJ ordered a top QC (barrister) to prevent the interview being shown, period. Legal action was taking to prevent legally sensitive statements that were made in the interview in Miami being shown. Additionally, they sought to insure that Granada obtained written parental consent for any minors featured in the documentary. However, I must stress the prevailing feeling was not that the documentary would have such a sensationalist and negative tone with regards to MJ. Sure we knew there were some tough moments that would be shown but in the context of the footage that Granada had, and the assurance of balance in cutting the show, we believed the documentary would still be positive. If you look back what really gives the piece a negative slant is Bashir’s voiceovers, shots of him looking pensive and the like, not the actual content. As late as six days before it was to be premiered in the UK (Monday, 3rd of February) Mike had planned to make a surprise visit to London, to tie in with the interview. We had viewed the trailers that Granada were running and had no reason to be concerned. On the Wednesday (the 29th of January) we got word that it was a ‘stitch-up job’ from a source within Granada who had viewed the piece. We immediately requested a viewing but Granada refused. I and a couple of associates flew to London to meet with Granada in an effort to view the documentary. Again they refused. A legal effort was made to block the documentary being shown, without editorial input from MJ’s side, but, I stress, not to block the showing, period. But this went no where as the original contract drafted and signed (between Granada and MJ) did not adequately protect Michael. We viewed and taped the interview on the Monday night, with the rest of the UK, and flew back to the US, with a copy, the following day. Mike viewed the interview, FOR THE FIRST TIME, on Wednesday morning, and quickly put out a statement expressing his disgust. We were further dismayed the way ABC, via the constant insidious comments from Barbara Walters, and replacing Mike’s music with dark techno beats (they had clearance to use his music), choose to premiere the piece in the US. Getting back to the initial point – we believed until five days before the documentary premiered that it would be positive. And even when we had good information that it would not be we felt it was better not to get that word out because we still had not viewed the documentary and could not be 100% sure.[/quote] [url=]MJJF[/url] [url=]MJJF[/url] [b]To read what others have to say or to leave your comments about what the famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) LTTW has to say, head to the following thread at MJEOL: :document[url=] LTTW is back at MJJF with info on MJ[/url][/b] ~~Thread Updated~~

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