Shmuley Boteah, the lying Rabbi

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Boteach has written a horrible article about Michael Jackson this month.

Boteach has been accused of the misappropriation of funds handled by the charity he used Michael’s name to set up.

Mike has long since cut ALL ties with the lying Rabbi–who is ALSO suspected of misappropriating funds while in charge of another charity before the one he set up with Mike.

But I want you to read the article that Boteach has JUST written about Mike (url: [url=…4&boardID=52253][/url] ), then read the article he wrote about Mike back in 2000 when Mike was pumping millions of dollars into Boteach’s bogus charity. 

AND HERE are excerpts from an article he wrote about Mike in 2000: (You can read the FULL article [url=]HERE[/url])

So we arranged to get together at Michael’s New York home. From the moment we sat down together, I was struck by his amazing sensitivity to the pain of all living things.

For instance, when we discussed the fact that deer hunting was a common sport in the United Kingdom, Michael’s eyes welled up. “I just don’t understand that,” he said. “How could someone shoot something that helpless and innocent?”

I had to check my first response of cynicism to such a reaction. My usual answer of “Well, that’s the food chain–survival of the fittest!” would have been a slap in the face to this man who, unlike so many of us, lives his life guided by a loving heart rather than a cold intellect.

Later, he cried again when he spoke of how many parents couldn’t care less about missing suppertime with their children. (I tried to wipe the guilty look off my face.) When his 2-year-old son Prince came into the room, Michael spoke to him with respect as well as affection, patiently answering his questions. It was clear that the little boy was the delight of his father’s life.

We continued to spend time together, speaking not only of spiritual matters but also of all the things that friends talk about: art, music, books, childhood, and family. Michael attended synagogue with me in New York, and the experience was moving for both of us. The congregation welcomed him with open arms. Michael accepted shyly, and to this day still speaks of the overwhelming sense of acceptance he felt in that small, yet lively synagogue. Michael is not afraid of showing his feelings.

Months later, my family had its first invitation to visit the Neverland Ranch. We arrived stocked with sunscreen and llama feed. The children were thrilled to be welcomed into this wonderland. I was excited to spend more time conversing with Michael.

There, in the children’s paradise Jackson created–a kind of Disneyland meets the San Diego Zoo–I witnessed an extraordinary human being whose compassion for and devotion to children, especially those in need, knows no limits. By the time I departed after a week’s stay, I had closely observed someone for whom children are always a blessing, never a burden. I learned to be significantly more attuned to the needs of my own and others’ children.

Our mutual friend was right. I had a lot to learn from Michael.

I love talking with Michael. I love his stories, his idealism, and his innovative ideas.


And he goes on and on talking about how great Mike is. I guess now that Mike has cut Boteach’s crooked-a$s off from the fame and noteriety he usurped, Boteach acts like a jealous 2 year old and trashes Mike’s name. [b]Note to Boteach: Get a life, you thief!

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