Mike Tyson weighs in on MJ

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Other MJ bashers like Cher and LMP look totally stupid when Mike Tyson is a voice of reason on MJ. Here’s what Tyson said about MJ recently: [quote]Last night [March 31,2003] on “Jimmy Kimmel live” Jimmy got a stack of celebrity pictures and showed them to Mike Tyson and asked Mike if you knew them and/or what he thought about them. When they got to MJ’s picture (which was a very very very sexy pic of MJ from one of the last days of his court appearance when he was wearing that suit with the mourning band on it) the convo went like this: Jimmy: OK you know who this is right Mike: yeah Michael Jackson Jimmy: Do you know Michael? Mike: Yes I do Jimmy: really? When’s the last time you talked to him? Mike: about 8 months ago Jimmy: You got his phone number? Mike: naw i don’t have his number Jimmy: that would be cool if we could call him (or something like that) Mike: It would be very interesting. Jimmy: what do you think about all this stuff he’s been going through? Is he all right? Mike: Mike’s a big boy, he can handle himself.[/quote] Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live // MJJF

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