ABC messageboard posters blast Sawyer for the LMP interview on Primetime

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People were not impressed with the LMP interview on Primetime Live Thursday by Diane Sawyer. 99% of the posters that posted on ABC’s very own Primetime messageboard Thursday night (April 3rd) were highly critical or downright disgusted with Diane Sawyer. Here’s just a few excerpts of what some of the posters had to say: [quote][b]5554terri writes:[/b]”C’mon Diane! This was Lisa'[sic] interview. You could have concentrated more on Lisa, her family and her album, etc. MJ had his air-time!!” [b]queency32 writes:[/b]”After watching Diane’s interview with Lisa Presley – I must say that I am TRULY disappointed. Diane is an underachiever and if she wanted to find out about Michael Jackson – why for goodness sake didn’t she get an interview with him rather than go through poor Lisa Presley?? I sat down looking forward to an indepth look into Lisa Presley; not a tell-all on what is what[sic] like to be married to Micheal Jackson.[sic]” [b]WonderWorm32 writes:[/b]”I was very surprised at Ms. Sawyer’s interview with Lisa Marie Presley. Was this an interview to promote Presley’s new CD or to bash Michael Jackson? Diane Sawyer asked a question and it seems as if the answer was not negative or what she (Diane) wanted to hear she would twist the question until Presley gave in with the negative.” [b]HappyGirl1715 writes:[/b]”Diane spent a total of 5 minutes talking to Lisa about her album. Most of the time was spent on MJ, who the hell cares?” [b]Jasper169 writes:[/b]”The Primetime episode with an interview featuring Lisa Marie Presley, once again shows the poor judgement, lack of taste and overall bad skills of Diane Sawyer. All she did was drill Lisa for any “Bad Dirt” on Mr. Jackson and Mr. Cage.” [b]madsgurl writes:[/b]”Diane Sawyer should be ashamed of herself. Firstly, I felt to open the interview about Nic Cage summed up what the interview was about. Lisa’s personal life. The interrogation about MJ was tacky. What happened to objective journalists? She obviously has a negative opinion on MJ and tried to get Lisa to confirm it.” [/quote] And it doesn’t stop there! To read the FULL messages of these posters and the messages of other ABC messageboard members, head over to the :document[url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] forum! For Source information and to contact [u]Primetime Live Thursday[/u] with your thoughts, click ‘Read More’ :gossip Source: [url=]…bcnews_primetim[/url] By the way, you can send Primetime your views: EMAIL: Or use the online form here: [url=]…email_form.html[/url]

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