Mike owns ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. Could that be a reason why LMP is so pissed now?

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Thanks to ‘Ellie’ at MJJF, [b]MJEOL[/b] has been made aware that Michael Jackson owns (or half-owns) the rights to Elvis’s song [i]Heartbreak Hotel[/i], which is among the approximately 250,000 songs now within the Sony/ATV Tree publishing company. Don’t take my word for it. Read it in black and white at Sony/ATV’s own website: http://www.sonyatv.com/musicsource/finder/detailstrack.cfm?SONGID=100585 [i]Heartbreak Hotel[/i] was a part of the Acuff-Rose country music publishing catalog which Michael and Sony purchased just recently for $157 Million dollars. Hum…if one’s mind was led to speculate, this could be one of the reasons why LMP suddenly–damn near a decade after divorcing Michael– has caught a case of ‘diarrhea of the mouth’ concerning all things ‘Michael’. There would be nothing better to her and her mother than for them to get her hands on ALL of Elvis’s music under the EPE (Elvis Presly Enterprises) umbrella. Judging how protective she is of her father, this theory isn’t far out of the realm of possibility. What do you think? Come on over to the :documentMJ CONVERSATIONS forum and voice your opinions and to get more information about Sony/ATV’s acquisition of Acuff-Rose!

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