Take Two: MJ interview ratings through the roof in Holland

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This was posted by ‘Hoofmark’, a poster at MJJF: [quote][b]Michael Jackson Take Two: Wat je Niet Mocht Zien (Dutch Title) was broadcast in Holland on Sunday April 13 on the channel Yorin. Yorin is a small channel in Holland, with a small marketshare. However, Take Two did VERY well. Overall, it had a rating of 6.4 percent and a marketshare of 13.6 percent. This means that from all the people watching tv at that time, 13.6 percent were watching Take Two. For comparance: the shows before and after Take Two had ratings of 2.0 and 3.8 percent. In their target audience (20-34), Take Two did even better. It had a ratings percentage of 11.7 and a 25.5 percent market share! I watched the interview with some friends. They were really supportive of Michael and thought Bashir is a creep. They got goosebumps when Michael talked about certain things.[/b][/quote] :cool

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