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Posted by’s ‘Gary Gary’ has written an article, [b]”In Defense of Michael Jackson”[/b], for’s website. Here’s a snip from it: [quote]My mom introduced me to Michael Jackson. I remember dancing to the Off the Wall album in the car. My mom would tell me to sit still wherever we were going because I would try to dance out of my seat belt. I wanted to dance like he did on the videos. I wanted to sing like he did on the tapes. And I wanted to dress like he did on the posters. The singing and the clothes didn’t really happen, but I started to practice dancing like him, though I never mastered the backward Moonwalk. He also totally changed the way we look at music videos. The video for “Beat It” was critically acclaimed for its fight-like dance sequences. With 50 people dancing in formation, the video gave off a great West Side Story vibe. Of course, we can’t forget the undisputed champion of music videos, “Thriller.” This video had the dance sequences, the costumes and great makeup designed to make the dancers look like gruesome zombies. But it’s best known for being a 15-minute mini-movie. They rarely show the extended version on the video shows anymore, but when they do, it’s still a sight to behold. Regardless of these stellar achievements, many people my age criticize Michael Jackson. [/quote] To read the FULL article, to leave your comments about it, and to send an email of support to Gary for this good article, click over to :document[url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url].

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