The Children of Baghdad love Michael Jackson~and anyone who imitates him!

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[quote][b]U.S Marines juggle hats on streets of Baghdad By Matthew Green[/b] BAGHDAD, April 13 (Reuters) – [u][b]For just a few moments, the U.S. Marine was Michael Jackson — king of pop. Taking backwards “moon walk” steps, Lance-Corporal Manuel Perez drew chants of “Michael, Michael” from dozens of children laughing on the Baghdad pavement. “They want me to do Michael Jackson, they like the way I dance,” said Perez, 21, a member of Alpha Company. “I’ve got fans.”[/b][/u] Another Marine cut him short. “If you guys can’t keep these guys off the sidewalk, you’re going to have to tone the showbiz down,” barked Corporal Adam Malik, 23, stalking the line of Marines to search for any troublemakers behind the giggling children. U.S. forces patrolling Baghdad face a dilemma — how to win over a population whose lives they have turned upside down while ensuring they are not killed by Saddam Hussein loyalists.[/quote] Isn’t that just the cutest thing! Click over to :document[url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] to read the full article and to comment on it. Shout out to Pepina at MJJF.

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