Looks like LMP’s ‘people’ haven’t managed to browbeat positive reviews out of EVERY critic. Here’s the latest review about her new project: [quote]Admitting in her press pack that she didn’t sing in front of anyone until she was 20, Presley is following in the biggest of footsteps and building the greatest of expectations. Those expectations simply can’t be met on her debut, To Whom It May Concern…Instead, there’s a downbeat, mid-tempo plod that drags every selection down to dullness. Presley’s producers and co-writers — she’s responsible for the angry but generally unimpressive lyrics — try for a strange cross between introspective, big-beat pop and alt-country authenticity. Unfortunately, they miss both targets, resulting in a sound that fails to deliver any sense of passion, commitment or catchiness.[/quote] To read the FULL review, click over to the :document[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=16&t=3434&s=25140623d1a69cb8602e94f67027a47a]OFF TOPIC[/url] forum.

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