Perrin of MJJF posts her thoughts about the Media diconnect from the public

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Here’s a snip from the latest from Perrin at MJJF about the media’s disconnect with what the public wants in relation to MJ: [quote]Diane and Barbara and Martin Bashier looked at Michael as commodity. They looked at him as an object, a piece of merchandise. If a piece of merchandise falls out of favor with the public, then the media jumps on it. For example The public fell out of favor with Mac Donald’s coffee after many people complained about scalding accidents. Many media outlets jumped on the bandwagon and calculated the millions of dollars the golden arches would lose in civil litigation. They did it because they felt the audience wanted it. The problem is this…Mike is not an object. Diane Sawyer was utterly shocked to hear Lisa say things like they had sex and Michael talked in a deeper register drinks, etc. Her look was priceless….”really..Lisa?” LOL. Completed disconnected. Sawyer and Walters and Bashier had preconceived notions of how MJJ is looked at all over the world. That is where the problem is.[/quote] To read the full post, you can head over to [url=]MJJF[/url], or to :document[url=]The Daily Rant[/url] forum at MJEOL!

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