Sony and MJ deny that Mike owes them $200Million

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Rasta Pasta, a poster at MJJF, has finally tracked down the article about the $200M issue that so many no-account journalists (including Friedman) keep harping on. [quote]The reclusive millionaire also used his brief statement to address recent comments from unnamed Sony executives who said he owes the label $200 million for studio time and promotion. “For Sony to make a false claim that I owe them $200 million is outrageous and offensive,” Jackson said. Sony responded with its own statement: “We have never issued any statement, verbally or in writing, claiming that Michael Jackson owes us $200 million. As a result, we are baffled by the comments issued today by his press representatives.” -Corey Moss Source: // MJJF[/quote] So, Michael was reading the reports that a Sony executive claimed that he owed them $200M and responded to the rumors. Sony then released a statement that they made no such accusation. I wonder why this wasn’t blasted all over the place? News too positive, perhaps? :thumbsup

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