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Brian Oxman, Jackson family attorney, was on Good Morning American this morning speaking about the issue of the misinformation propaganda from Michael’s former hack manager, M H Lee. Lee is currently suing Michael for $12M and has authorized his lawyer to put out a press release claiming that Mike is on the verge of bankruptcy. In a desperate and failed attempt to publicly embarrass Mr. Jackson, however, they overlook a very important question that many Michael Jackson fans have been asking since they first got wind of this lawsuit: Why in the world is he suing Michael for millions of dollars if Mike is, according to them, on the verge of bankruptcy? Here’s an excerpt from a rough transcript of the GMA segment (via MJJF): [quote]Charles GIBSON: Brian Oxman let me turn to you, and let me deal first with this case just of Union Finance, the firm who is suing Michael Jackson and contends that he had signed agreements and owe them $12 million and has not paid it. And because he has not paid it, could that be an indication that there are some financial problems? Brian OXMAN: I have been with this family for going on a decade and a half. And what I have seen during that time period is that Michael is one of the most generous, one of them most magnificent individuals I have ever seen. When people perform services for him, my observation is he doubles and he triples what he pays to them, but when they don’t perform these services and they fail, he doesn’t want to pay them a dime, and I don’t blame him, and that’s what I see here and I can only tell you that Michael will not pay for services he doesn’t get… I am disturbed about this plaintiff who has to take this case to the public, apparently that’s an indication to me, that they’re in trouble in this case. I won’t comment on the evidence, but I will tell you about Michael and Michael is Rocky in the 6th round, he only gets stronger when he is being attacked… [/quote] The fact that Lee is now trying to publicly… >> Click ‘Read More’ for FULL story (continued) The fact that Lee is now trying to publicly embarrass Michael by using the media–who themselves are all too eager to report negative news about Jackson–may be an indication that his case is crumbling before his eyes. I think Lee may have been praying to God that Mr. Jackson would settle the case out of court. Now that the case is about to be heard, they’re going to have to ‘prove’ their claims. I doubt Michael is too keen on letting people run over him since the Bashir travesty. Michael has said that this lawsuit is meritless and that Lee has a signed document with his forged signature on it. Mike also says that the date Lee claims the contract was signed is a date when he was not even in the state of California, let alone signing any contracts. Further, Lee is claiming that the only two people in the room when this document (to pay Lee $12M) was allegedly signed were Jackson and himself: no business managers, no attorneys, no witnesses. How stupid does he think we are? Even the most inexperienced person in business can tell you that you hardly ever sign a document of that calibar without at least 2 other people there to witness it. There may also be a notary public involved. My advice to Michael & his camp: String Lee up by the balls, and make sure his money-chasing lawyer is seen as the hack he is. To read the full transcript of that segment and to leave your comments, head to the [url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] forum -MJEOL

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