Children of Kirkuk love Michael Jackson

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[quote]Catty-cornered to the entrance gate, Sgt. Nick Dutter, with the 4th ID, tries to find ways to make it through his three-hour shifts as he sits atop a M1A2 Abrams tank. “I spend most of my time thinking about home,” said the 20-year-old tank gunner from Worcester, Mass. He and his teammate Pfc. Herman Johnson, 21, say they know “way too much” about each other, and the teasing begins. Actually, Dutter did most of the teasing, pointing out Johnson’s tendency to trip and the way he goes on about his fiancée, who is serving with the 4th ID in Tikrit as a cook. [b]The highlights of the soldiers’ security details tend to be interactions with the children of Kirkuk, who also flock to the center. Except they come to gawk at the soldiers or ask about pop singer Michael Jackson. “They say their name is Michael Jackson or ask about Michael Jackson,” said Pvt. Ernesto Perez, 20, with the 173rd.[/b] And try as they might, the soldiers can’t remember all the children’s names — so the little ones are simply called “Charlie.” [/quote] You can read the full article in the :document [url=]MJ CONVERSATIONS[/url] forum

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