MJ Interviews Pharrell Williams for Interview Mag – Transcript

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Michael Jackson interviewed Pharell Williams (producer; Neptunes) over the phone for [i]Interview Magazine[/i] recently. A poster at the kop was nice enough to type up a transcript of the interview, which is also posted at MJJF. Here’s a tiny snip from it: [quote]MJ: That’s beautiful. That’s lovely. You said that very well. I wanted to ask you-do you feel, the way I do, that it’s almost like pregnancy, giving birth? Writing a song is like having a child, and once the song is finished, it’s like letting the child into the world. Do you ever feel like that, like it’s hard to let go? PW: You know what? I did an interview the other day to present a video, and I was afraid to let it go. That was for a video, but the video to me is like the second part of the song because it is the interpretation given in a visual perspective. So, yes, I completely feel that way. And it’s like sometimes if you play something to people and they don’t get it, it’s like your child who’s done something and everyone is pointing fingers and you’re like, “Wait! This is my kid!” Now, I’m not a father, but I imagine that’s the way it would be-at least that’s how I feel about my songs. [/quote] To read the FULL transcript of the interview, head over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum. See the topic: :4pinned[url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t=6130&s=911a2da9c79b51ed24002bf6b6080b61]MJ Interviews Pharrell Williams, Kop member posts[/url]

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