New Journal Chronicles Entry – Michael Jackson…Still the King

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Another Journal Chronicle’s entry has been added. This one comes from member Sapphire_angel entitled [i]Michael Jackson…Still the King[/i]. Here’s a snip from it: [quote]I don’t understand how people say Michael Jackson is old. A few days ago I heard ‘Dirty Diana’ playing in someone’s car. I see many young artists imitating his moves, and singing today. You should really cut the guy some slack. I can’t stand the way they say he is old news. I see so many ridiculous trash being written about him everyday. If he is old news, then why do people still write about him so much? Why? Because, he is the true King of Music. [/quote] To read the FULL entry, click over to the Journal Chronicles section. See article: :arrowMichael Jackson…Still the King – Author: Sapphire_angel

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