Roger Friedman(Fox) rips into Lisa Marie Presley

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Roger Friedman, far from an MJ-supporter, has ripped into Lisa Marie Presley regarding her latest ramblings about Michael Jackson. Here’s a snip from the latest article (MJEOL filtered): [quote]Still looking to cash in on a little publicity, Lisa Marie Presley is now swinging at wild pitches. This week she gave some idiotic interview that got picked up in a few places. She said she was mad that Michael Jackson owned some of her father’s songs. She said she heard “Burning Love” used in a Velveeta commercial. First of all, honey, Elvis Presley was a great performer — but he didn’t write the songs, OK? Lieber and Stoller wrote a bunch of them. In the case of “Burning Love,” it was a guy named Dennis Linde. Your name is not Lisa Marie Linde.[/quote] To read the FULL article, head over to the Off Topic forum. See the topic: :4pinned[url=]Lisa Marie Tells Jackson to Cheese It, and She’s Wrong[/url]

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