Carole Lieberman unstable, according to powerful attorney

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A little background: Carole Lieberman is a psychologist who filed papers in California making the unsubstantiated claim that Michael Jackson’s relationship with his children be investigated. Of course, she was turned down because there is no reason to investigate and her challenges were widely ignored by the people who actually know Michael Jackson and can attest to the kind of father Michael is. Carole Lieberman was also interviewed by J. Randy T.–author of ‘The Magic and the Madness’ an MJ biographical look partially filled with inaccuracies and half-truths–for his book. Now to the point. Here’s a snip from the latest from Courthouse News: [quote]The Ninth Circuit of Appeals has affirmed a district court’s ruling that lawyer Jeffrey Fieger’s allegedly defamatory statements about psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman on Court TV are constitutionally-protected by the First Amendment. Fieger’s statements were made during an April 15 Court TV interview during the Scott Amedure trial, in which Fieger said “under no circumstances” would he allow Lieberman to testify. Fieger went on to say that Lieberman was reportedly “mentally unbalanced” and that this trial “is being broadcast world-wide and it brings out the Looney Tunes.”[/quote] I’m crackin’ up right now! 😆 To read the FULL story, click over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum now! See the topic: :4pinned[url=]Carole Lieberman, ‘mentally unbalanced’, according to Jeffrey Fieger[/url] [i]Related:[/i] :lastd [url=]Courthouse News[/url]

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