Live party reports from MJJF tonight!

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Team MJJF will be bringing you live, up to the minute updates of the event as it happens on Saturday, August 30, 2003. Team MJJF along with Team KOP Fanatics (MsTenda, Mickey, Metalbabe, BGZ, The Faze, Rebecca Reza, and Sapphire) has handled all media up to this point and will have unprecedented access to the entire event. Because of this, we will get instantaneous reports and it will be posted to this thread on their messageboard: ….too many connections…. Those too lazy to register at MJJF (:lol:) can stay tuned to the following topic at the MJEOL forums where you can leave your comments. See the topic: :arrow [url=]Live “Celebration of love” party reports on MJJF[/url]

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