3T’s new video, online now!

Check out these 3 FINE brothas in their latest video, “Stuck on You”! :arrow [url=http://www.tf1.fr/video/divertissement/musique/chaineclip/0,,1190682-e3BsYXllciBxdWFsaXR5IFVOVl9JRH0gezIwMiAyMDEgMX0=,00.html]MUSIC VIDEO[/url] (note, it could take a little while to load, so don’t be distressed if you go there and nothing pops up instantly)

Mary Fischer on the Today show in 1994

:tack[url=http://members.lycos.nl/jetzimichael/mt99.html]Mary Fisher speaks about her “Was Michael Framed?” article in GQ[/url] The author of the October 1994 GQ Article, Mary Fischer was on the Today Show back in 1994 talking about the article. Jetzi’s [url=http://members.lycos.nl/jetzimichael/mt99.html]”Michael Talk”[/url] section