Audio of MJ at the Party in Neverland Saturday!

Download audio of Mike’s short speech at Neverland brought to you by CMJFC: [url=][/url] The crowd also sang happy birthday to him! You can see pics of some of the celebrity guests arriving at the party here: [url=]Photos and Info on Neverland Party![/url]

Timberlake is no King

Latest comes from member “LMP_Sux!!!” concerning the issue of Timberlake being dubbed the King of Pop by a few, terribly misguided, teen chasing magazines. [quote] I agree people… there’s a difference between expressing opinions and flat out insulting. The problem here seems to be that people are combining them together Continue Reading

Michael Jackson as Prince Charming!

[img align=left][/img]No doubt you’ve heard about what the fans are calling the ‘Cinderalla’ incident where Michael helps a fan put on her flip-flops in true Prince-like fashion. Well if you haven’t seen photos yet, just click over to the MJ CONVERSATIONS forum. See the topic: :arrow [url=]Food Fight and Cinderella, Continue Reading