Jermaine Jackson scheduled to appear on Larry King Sunday

[img align=left][/img][b]Sunday, November 30[/b] Jermaine Jackson speaks out Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s older brother, joins Larry to talk about growing up Jackson and the allegations against Michael. Go inside the Jackson family at 9 p.m. ET. [i]Information valid as of 10:20PM CT[/i] :lasta Source:[url=][/url] ENCORE (Rerun)

Heat on Jackson’s accusers

Heat on Jackson’s accusers November 27, 2003 Michael Jackson’s attorney angrily vowed to “land like a ton of bricks” on anyone who besmirches his client’s reputation and said that molestation allegations against the entertainer were motivated by money. “If anybody doesn’t think, based upon what’s happened so far, that the Continue Reading

Dimond Uses Jackson for Financial Gain…Again – MJEOL Bullet #33

Dimond Uses Jackson for Financial Gain……Again – MJEOL Bullet #33

Court TV’s Diane Dimond has once again used Michael Jackson to procure gains in her financial and career status. It was announced on the Business Wire (Nov 24) that she will now host Court TV’s Hollywood at Large.

Dimond’s obvious reward for reporting various Jackson information, confirmed or not, has been examined by some who see her as little more than a gossip-monger with an unjustly elevated platform. The press release announcing her supposed triumph specifically points to her work with breaking the recent Jackson story as a way to convince people of her alleged worthiness for the new position.

However, upon closer inspection, one could wonder what the COO of Court TV, Art Bell, is thinking by making her their new star. Dimond rode to fame working for the now defunct tabloid TV show Hard Copy. She got into hot water with Jackson, and the law, when she was spreading a damaging lie about the 1993 case from one of her “sources.”

What are the MJEOL BULLETS?

The MJEOL BULLETS are commentary/opinion pieces about any subject which I find interesting. They are my opinion based on the reading of information from various news (both broadcast and online) sources. They will at times quote information from online news sources and/or show video clips from various broadcasts backing up Continue Reading