Diane Dimond and Crew at it Again – Bullet #17 Update #4

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[b]Dimond and Crew at it Again – MJEOL Bullet #17 UPDATE #4[/b] Diane Dimond and crew are at it again. Today (Nov 18), news broke that Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is being searched because of an “ongoing criminal investigation”. Neither the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, nor Fox News have been able to independently ascertain the reason why his home is being searched. All of their information is coming from one source: Court TV. In what seemed like record time, well-known media whore Diane Dimond has planted herself near Neverland making, as of yet, unfounded allegations against the reason why the police are at Jackson’s home. It is now being rumored that Dimond was tipped off as to a raid BEFORE the search warrant was even issued by those involved, and was in fact on her way to Neverland BEFORE the police were. This sounds a bit too fishy. She and her “sources” are claiming that this has something to do with molestation; something that has yet to be confirmed by anyone other than Dimond, Court TV and their crew at Celebrity Justice. Dimond has a history of using shady sources, which has gotten her in trouble in the past. Of course, you will remember that Dimond was a former tabloid-tv reporter for Hard Copy. She, Hard Copy, and her “source” at the time, Victor Gutierrez, were sued by Jackson for $100 million because Dimond reported unfounded rumors as if they were fact—in the same manner she is reporting now. Then, her source was Gutierrez. Gutierrez lost a defamation of character lawsuit against Michael Jackson. Instead of paying up, he fled the country. So, Ms Dimond should be wary of her “source”. Apparently she didn’t learn her lesson the first time. The accuracy-be-damned anchor for Court TV remains the only source for the reason as to why police are searching Jackson’s home. For all we know, at the time of writing this article, this could have something to do with one of Jackson’s employees or with the recent Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case. One Fox news commentator, along with Judge Nepalatano (sp?) said that as of now, they do not know if this investigation has anything to do with Jackson directly and they certainly do not know if this has anything to do with molestation. Gloria Allred and Carole Lieberman have not hesitated to contact the media to voice their opinions on this as well. I’m shocked…not. Fox was apparently in such a hurry to broadcast anything–true or false–that a prank caller was let live on the air pretending to be a police officer. The caller was a Howard Stern prankster, much to the total embarrassment of Fox news. If you remember, this really has been a watershed year for Jackson. Everything that happened to him–the way people have tried to go after him (Walters, Bashir, NBC, Allred, Lieberman, etc)–seemed to have totally backfired on the ones trying to bring him down. A lot of people question 20/20’s motives for airing the Bashir documentary, the majority of people think Bashir is a lying opportunist, some people lost respect for Dateline for running the MJ ‘face’ documentary, Gloria Allred has all but been called a ‘media whore’ on live broadcasts, and Lieberman has been called ‘mentally unstable’ by prominent attorney Jeffrey Figer, ETC. So if this is the last tower of crap that has to fall, then so be it. Given what has happened this year with SO MANY things blowing up the face of those who have tried to levy false information against him, I’m seriously thinking this–whatever ‘this’ is–may be something to Jackson’s benefit in the long run, rather than being to his detriment. This news suspiciously comes on the very day that Epic released Jackson’s Number Ones album and just days before a new CBS special was suppose to be aired. Remain calm and note that this is NOT 1993. Michael is a different person and this is a different time. He has children of his own that he WILL protect at all costs. If they think he’s going to roll over, they have another thing coming. Be ready to voice your views on this issue. -MJEOL

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