Friedman calls latest allegations possible extortion – VIDEO

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Roger Friedman, regular MJ basher, has suprisingly come out in defense of Michael Jackson. He says that a private detective, Anthony Pellicano, may have something to do with this case. He says that it “may not be just a Michael Jackson story” and that if that is the case, “this could blow over very quickly”. He says that when he first heard it he thought: “This is extortion” because Michael leaves himself open to such things. He also says that it was a total surprise to all involved, including his friends and family. Jetzi has footage of his appearance on the news at her site: :lasta [url=][/url] Remember, now is the time to be wary of any and all information you receive from someone other than Michael Jackson, his official spokesperson, or his legal representation. Be ready to write to various media outlets when you feel it is necessary to do so. -MJEOL

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