Michael Jackson responds to Media Uproar – PRESS RELEASE

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[i]Press Release Source: Stuart Backerman, Spokesman for Michael Jackson[/i] [b]Michael Jackson Responds to Media Uproar Over Search of Neverland Ranch[/b] [i]Tuesday November 18, 5:52 pm ET[/i] And a Who’s Who of Hucksters Preying on His Name LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — We cannot comment on law enforcement’s investigation because we do not yet know what it is about. We can comment on the malignant horde of media hounds claiming to speak for Michael on this and many other issues. A rogue’s gallery of hucksters and self-styled “inside sources” have dominated the airwaves since reports of a search of Neverland broke, speculating, guessing and fabricating information about an investigation they couldn’t possibly know about. Michael himself said “I’ve seen lawyers who do not represent me and spokespeople who do not know me speaking for me. These characters always seem to surface with a dreadful allegation just as another project, an album, a video, is being released.” Michael will, as always, cooperate fully with authorities in any investigation even as it is conducted, yet again, while he is not home. :arrow Source: Stuart Backerman, Spokesman for Michael Jackson [url=http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/031118/dctu067_1.html]http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/031118/dctu067_1.html[/url]

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