Fans Showing Public Support for the King of Pop – MJEOL Bullet #19 Update

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*Michael Jackson’s fans are showing support for the King of Pop. Check out some of the photos of fans holding up signs expressing their support: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] *These photos come on the hills of a press conference where District Attorney Tom Sneddon and the sheriff annouced why they were searching Michael Jackson’s home. The sheriff stating that an arrest warrant has been issued for Michael Jackson. As you remember, Sneddon is the same character from 1993 who tried to bring Jackson down with what seems to be false allegations of molestation (see the article [url=]Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story[/url]). None of the evidence to exonerate Jackson saw the light of day due to the settlement that was reached at that time. Sneddon has already been criticized for the arrogant and unprofessional way in which he conducted this press conference. One Fox news commentator replied: “He looked like the cat that ate the canary”. Another commentator said she too was shocked at the joking manner in which Sneddon handled himself. *A new petition at is already being circulated as a result of this situation. In the short time it has been live, [b] over 2,800 people[/b] have already signed up to show support for Jackson. *Chris Matthews (Hardball on MSNBC) has made the case that–based on a statement from Tom Sneddon–a law in California was specifically passed to basically “get Michael Jackson”. It was revealed by Tom Sneddon in a press conference today that laws were specifically changed in California as a result of the 1993 Michael Jackson case so that prosecutors could “go after” the accused more easily by forcing alleged victims to testify. -MJEOL

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