Jackson’s Chance to Prove His Innocence – MJEOL Bullet #18 Update #2

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[b]Jackson’s Chance to Prove His Innocence – MJEOL Bullet #18 Update #2[/b] It has been reported that an arrest warrant has been issued for Michael Jackson. While this is a terrible situation, it is common for innocent people who are arrested to go to court and prove their innocence. Make no mistake about it: this is a lynching in every since of the word. No matter what develops, see this as an opportunity for him to finally prove his innocence in a court of law. Apparently, the District Attorney, Tom Sneddon, wants to flex his muscle in this situation by publicly embarrassing Jackson in any and every way possible. This looks to be a personal vendetta by the DA’s office. Remember, this is the same character from the 1993 allegations who felt like he didn’t get a chance to ride off into the sunset with a ‘I brought down Michael Jackson’ caption. He has spent years waiting and hoping to get another chance at Jackson. Well he’s got it. Unfortunately for those making the allegations, Jackson is more than likely set to fight this tooth-and-nail for however long it takes. There’s been talk that the DA has been feeding Court TV’s Diane Dimond, secret information about this case. If Jackson can show any bias in this situation, and when he’s exonerated, he can then sue the county, the DA’s office, the prosecutors–and any individual who defames his character including whoever is making these allegations—for hundreds of millions of dollars. Tom Sneddon held a press conference in California today at 11:00AM PT. Sheriff Jim Anderson stated that the search ended at 11PM last night. He says the basis of the investigation involved allegations of molestation and that an arrest warrant has been issued. Bail amount on warrant is $3 million dollars. He says that Jackson has been given the ability to surrender himself and has to surrender his passport, as with all cases of this matter. Sneddon continues that the law in California has changed since the 1993 allegations. He rehashes the case from 1993, as we knew he would, all while joking with reporters. He claims to have a ‘cooperating victim’ this time in comparison to 1993. He makes light of the entire situation because he’s ‘riding high’ right now because he thinks he has something. He says that Child Protective Services are not involved at this time. Sneddon has already been criticized for the nonchalant, arrogant and unprofessional way in which he conducted this press conference. One Fox news commentator replied: “He looked like the cat that ate the canary”. Another commentator said she too was shocked at the joking manner in which Sneddon handled himself. Jackson is no slouch when it comes to keeping meticulous records. If the police find evidence exonerating Jackson—for example, videotaped proof of Jackson being in a different state when an alleged “event” happened, or not finding any evidence to support any allegation—they cannot go back in time and undo their arrest. During this time, you will hear all manners of rumors, innuendo, and straight-out lies about this situation. I will tell you right now: The media—including CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, CBS etc—are not your friends right now. They are not and should not be your sole source of information on this issue. All sorts of rumors have been flying since this story broke. I have heard three different stories as to why the police were even at Neverland in the first place when this story broke. In their haste to air unconfirmed information Nov 18, FOX news was pranked by a Howard Stern caller who pretended to be a police officer involved in the case. The caller was let loose on LIVE television—without anyone checking their credentials—which is a public embarrassment to Fox news. There are rumblings of evidence that could exonerate Jackson from the 1993 allegations, which never saw the light of day due to a settlement. You can read about this information in an article, entitled [url=http://www.steveharvey.com/michaeljackson.htm]“Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story”[/url], in GQ magazine from October 1994. Regardless of how ‘bad’ this current situation is, it could finally give Jackson an unfettered chance to prove his innocence in a court of law. -MJEOL

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