Dimond & Sneddon: Too Close for Comfort? – MJEOL Bullet #26

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Dimond & Sneddon: Too Close for Comfort? – MJEOL Bullet #26

Many observers have noticed a very close “relationship” between the media and the District Attorney’s office during this latest Jackson scandal. One reporter, in particular, has a highly peculiar rapport with DA Tom Sneddon.

She, Diane Dimond, has taken the credit for breaking both Jackson stories; the first being in 1993 when Jackson was accused of molestation. No charges were ever brought against him. You can read about that information in the article Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story.

It is alleged that Dimond was on her way to Neverland before or around the same time as police raided Jackson’s home. She was the first who knew about a search warrant. She was also the first to know about an arrest warrant.

This obvious “insider information” can only come from one place. It appears rather odd in retrospect that she had such information, which no other media outlet could independently confirm at that time, before the news of the story actually broke. Just ‘good reporting’? I don’t think so.

During the now infamous press conference given by DA Sneddon and the sheriff, the following exchange occurred:

SNEDDON: Are you aware of other civil cases that have been handled outside of the media since 1993 that were kept quiet?

ANDERSON: Not to my knowledge.



SNEDDON: Well, I am.

QUESTION: How many?

SNEDDON: Ask Diane, she knows everything about Michael Jackson. [LAUGHTER]

If it seems ridiculously odd that Sneddon would refer a question of that magnitude to a reporter – the same reporter once sued by Jackson, the same reporter “breaking” stories, and the same reporter scorned from 1993—then you are not alone. He is evidently friendly enough to call her by her first name.

While using her first name in itself isn’t suspicious, it’s just a part of so many other factors that help to throw suspicion on their “relationship” (see http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=10663&hl= Press Conference Transcript (outdated link)

Sneddon also said, during that press conference, he would not do any interviews with the media and instructed them to stop calling his office. Yet, he recently gave a sit-down interview to Diane Dimond for Court TV. In that interview, he even refers to Jackson as “Jacko-Wacko” when talking about what people have to say about Jackson.

Dimond appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live recently (Nov 21), and King raised the question as to why a District Attorney would even give an interview to anyone, given the fact that Jackson still has yet to be charged with any crime. Dimond’s response was to look down, to stall, and then finally say “Well, I — I just asked him. And he and I have stayed in touch over the years, as I stay in touch with all the sources…” (see http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=10835 – Larry King Live Transcript (outdated link)

This close relationship, whatever it is, is highly problematic because it calls into question the motives of both the DA’s office and certain media outlets. Are they deliberately trying to convict Jackson in the court of public opinion? Only those two people know the real answer to that question.


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